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1: “Fantine and Cosette.” Single mother Fantine leaves her daughter Cosette in the care of an innkeeper, Thénardier, and his family. She then finds work in Montreuil-sur-Mer, where the mayor Madeleine encounters a boy stealing a loaf of bread.

2: “Jean Valjean's Secret.” Alain agrees to work for Mayor Madeleine, who tells him a story about a convict named Jean Valjean and the kindly Bishop who helped him. As the years go by, Cosette is overworked by the Thénardiers and bullied by their daughters, but becomes good friends with their son Gavroche.

3: “A New Friend, Chouchou.” Cosette and Gavroche find a stray dog, and try to hide it in their home. A new police inspector named Javert arrives in Montreuil-sur-Mer, and a man called Fauchelevent begins to nurse a grudge against Mayor Madeleine.

4: “A Letter from Mother.” A new priest arrives in Montfermeil, and begins teaching Cosette and Gavroche how to read. Eponine nurtures a crush on a boy named Toron. Fantine's coworkers become suspicious of her secrecy. The episode closes when Fauchelevent's cart crashes.

5: “Javert's Doubt.” Javert's suspicion increases when Mayor Madeleine displays incredible strength to help a man, Fauchelevent, who was trapped under an overturned cart. Zéphine discovers Fantine's secret, that she has a daughter living with another family.

6: “Cosette's Birthday.” Javert learns of how Madeleine came to Montreuil-sur-Mer and earned the people's trust. Fantine is fired from her job and prevented from appealing to Madeleine. A misunderstanding causes Eponine and Madame Thénardier to be furious at Cosette.

7: “Lost Eponine.” A guest at the inn tells the Thénardiers about Paris, a place that Cosette vaguely remembers from her infancy. A jealous Eponine attempts to run away from home to visit Paris herself.

8: “Mama's Skirt.” Fantine becomes destitute and desperate to earn money for Cosette. At the end of the episode, two men harass Fantine, driving her to retaliate by hitting them; Javert arrives and arrests Fantine.

9: “Thénardier's Malice.” Alain and Madeleine intervene when Javert arrests Fantine, whose health is quickly deteriorating. Mille apologizes to Fantine and goes to fetch Cosette from the Thénardiers, who deceive her with claims to more debts. Javert informs Madeleine that another man is about to be tried for the crimes of Jean Valjean.

10: “Perplexed Madeleine.” Madeleine must decide what to do regarding Champmathieu's trial. Sister Simplice cares for a sickly Fantine, who only hopes to be reunited with Cosette. Before leaving Montfermeil, the priest helps Cosette write a letter to Fantine, only to have it intercepted by Madame Thénardier.

11: “Sister Simplice's Lie.” When Javert arrives in Montreuil-sur-mer to arrest Jean Valjean, Sister Simplice must choose between telling the truth and protecting the mayor.

12: “Lonely Cosette.”  Jean Valjean travels to Montfermeil while evading Javert's searchers. Gavroche is separated from Cosette when his mother sends him to work for the blacksmith. On Christmas Eve Jean Valjean finds Cosette fetching water in the woods, and is astounded to find out she is the child he has been seeking.

13: “Jean Valjean and Cosette.” Jean Valjean stays at the inn and surprises the Thénardiers with his kindness toward Cosette. On Christmas Day he shows them Fantine's note and takes Cosette away. Cosette invites Gavroche to come with them, but the boy decides to remain with the blacksmith, though the two promise they will meet again.

14: “Their Journey.” Jean Valjean and Cosette travel through the countryside on their way to Paris. Javert investigates at the Waterloo Inn, but Gavroche interferes.

15: “The Two's Bond.” Jean Valjean considers leaving Cosette in another's care, since he will have the difficulty of hiding from the authorities. Cosette gets lost and is separated from Jean Valjean, who comes to the realization that Cosette is like his own daughter now.

16: “The Gorbeau House in Paris.” Jean Valjean and Cosette move into an apartment in the Gorbeau House. They visit the Luxembourg Garden, which Cosette remembers visiting with Fantine. Javert is promoted and asked to work in Paris. The Gorbeau landlady's suspicion increases when she finds large amounts of money sewn into Jean Valjean's overcoat.

17: “Approaching Javert.” Javert rents the room next to Jean Valjean's and tries to set a trap for him. Jean Valjean and Cosette are forced to flee, resulting in a dark chase through Paris.

18: “Forgotten Reunion.” Pursued by the police, Jean Valjean and Cosette climb over a wall, into the convent where Fauchelevent now works as a gardener. Cosette comes down with a fever, and the two men quickly nurse her back to health.

19: “Cosette is Taken.” Cosette fears being abandoned again when Jean Valjean tells her to wait for him to return. Fauchelevent and Jean Valjean put their plan into action, leaving Cosette in the care of a neighbor and smuggling Jean Valjean out of the convent in a coffin. Fauchelevent must act quickly to release Jean Valjean before the coffin is buried.

20. “Monastic Life.” Cosette and Jean Valjean adjust to their news lives as a student and a gardener. The young girls are fascinated by a melody they can hear someone playing outside the walls, and wonder about who the musician could be. Several years go by, and Cosette is shown as a teenage girl. At the end of the episode, a young man named Marius and his grandfather Gillenormand are shown riding in a carriage past the convent.

21: “Cosette and Marius.” Marius learns of his estranged father's death, and learns some shocking information from his father's friend Mabeuf. While researching Napoleon, Marius meets a student named Courfeyrac. Marius and Gillenormand have a heated argument which ends with Marius leaving. Back in Montfermeil, the Thénardiers move to escape their debtors.

22: “Everyone's Journeys.” Upon discovering his family's disappearance, Gavroche leaves Montfermeil  and heads for Paris. Marius enjoys the company of both Mabeuf and Courfeyrac, but runs into his first financial problems. Fauchelevent dies, and Jean Valjean decides the time has come for him and Cosette to leave the convent and return to the outside world.

23: “Under the Parisian Sky.” Jean Valjean and Cosette move into a large house and hire a woman named Toussaint as a caretaker. Courfeyrac helps Marius find more affordable lodgings at the Gorbeau House. It is revealed that the Thénardiers have also taken residence there.

24: “An Encounter at the Luxembourg Garden.” Courfeyrac introduces Marius to the Friends of the ABC, a group of students who oppose the Emperor. Marius goes for a walk at the same time as Cosette and Jean Valjean; Marius and Cosette are both hyperaware of each other's presence, but with Jean Valjean there neither tries to speak to the other.

25: “Unreachable Feelings.” Cosette and Marius continue to glimpse each other in the gardens; Thénardier enlists Eponine to help the Patron-Minette. Marius finds a handkerchief left behind by Jean Valjean, and tries to ask their doorkeeper for information about the family. Concerned that it could be Javert seeking him, Jean Valjean decides to move into a new house.

26: “Chance Encounters in Paris”. Marius and Cosette try to seek each other out, but are unable to see each other. Courfeyrac tries to console Marius by taking him back to the Cafe Musain. Gavroche discovers an abandoned monument shaped like an elephant. Cosette and Jean Valjean witness a carriage full of prisoners enter Paris.

27: “The Girl Who Ran Away.” Cosette and Jean Valjean organize a search for a missing local child; Cosette recognizes that the girl and her mother are just like herself and Fantine. Gavroche runs into his father, who introduces him to the Patron-Minette.

28: “The Found Letter”: Eponine goes to Marius to beg for money, and Marius realizes how oblivious he has been to his own neighbors' suffering. Azelma delivers a begging letter to Jean Valjean, who agrees to visit and help her family. Marius watches through a hole in the wall, and is shocked to see Cosette and her father arrive at the Gorbeau House.

29: “Thénardier's Trap.” Thénardier recognizes Cosette and Jean Valjean, who promises to return later with money to pay the family's rent. Marius overhears Thénardier planning to set a trap for Jean Valjean, and goes to the police for help. That night Marius watches as Jean Valjean returns and the Patron-Minette ambush him.

30: “The Lost Coin.” Thénardier confronts Jean Valjean, proclaiming his identity; but Jean Valjean pretends not to know who he is. Javert and the police arrive to arrest Patron-Minette and the Thénardiers, but Eponine manages to escape. Jean Valjean gets away unnoticed, and makes it home to the Rue Plumet.

31: “The Quiet Rue Plumet.” Jean Valjean confirms to Cosette that the people at the Gorbeau House were the Thénardiers. Cosette nurses Jean Valjean back to health. Marius moves in with Courfeyrac, and encounters his aunt Gillenormand.

32: “Traces of That Day.” Eponine waters Mabeuf's garden, and asks him to tell her where Marius has gone. When they see each other, Marius asks Eponine to find out where Cosette lives. While scouting the Rue Plumet, Eponine realizes that Marius' love is the same girl she knew as a child.

33: “Giving Up on Reunion.” The Friends of the ABC convince Marius to send Cosette a letter expressing his feelings for her. Cosette remembers seeing him in the Luxembourg, and waits until he appears in the garden again. Marius and Cosette finally meet and introduce themselves.

34: “The Children in the Elephant.” Gavroche meets two orphans and takes them under his wing. Mabeuf encounters Eponine again, but she leaves before he can offer her any hospitality. Gavroche takes two recently orphaned brothers under his wing. Montparnasse approaches Gavroche, asking him to assist in Patron-Minette's breakout; Gavroche emphatically refuses, but seems to reconsider when he learns that his father is among the prisoners.

35: “Patron-Minette's Breakout.” Gavroche comes to his father's aid, and begins to teach Pressoir and Jurges how to live on the streets. Cosette witnesses the outbreak of a cholera epidemic. Javert and the police begin to crack down harder on the pending revolution. General Lamarque, one official who can bridge the gap between the people and the government, pays a visit to the local hospital. Thénardier returns to Patron-Minette with news that he knows of a house they can rob on the Rue Plumet.

36: “The Ailing of Paris.” Eponine learns of Patron-Minette's plan, and must decide whether to protect or hurt Cosette. Combeferre learns that General Lemarque has fallen sick after visiting a hospital. Jean Valjean discovers evidence of Marius' trespassing, and wonders where he could keep Cosette safe. At the end of the episode, Jean Valjean asks Cosette whether she would like to visit England.

37: "Marius' Miscaluclation" Gavroche meets Mabeuf who is forced to sell his remaining books for a pittance. When Marius learns of Cosette's pending departure, he goes to ask his grandfather for permission to marry her. Gillenormand scorns the love affair and Marius despairs what to do next. Tension is mounting in the city, and Enjolras and Les Amis plan to construct a barricade.

38: “Cosette and Eponine.” Jean Valjean finds evidence of someone entering the garden, and decides that they must move at once. General Lamarque dies, and the students plan to riot during his funeral the following day. Cosette leaves a letter for Marius in the garden, and encounters a spiteful Eponine, who vows to still never forgive her, and therefore not to let her have Marius.

39: “June 5, 1883.” Violence breaks out during General Lamarque's funeral procession. Mabeuf is forced to sell his last book, and decides to join the students, along with Gavroche who leaves his friends at the Luxembourg. Marius discovers that Cosette has left, and is told by a disguised Eponine that his friends are waiting for him at the barricade they are building. Javert goes incognito to spy on the students as they prepare to fight the police and soldiers.

40: “The Night of the Revolution.” Enjolras allows Gavroche to join them as a scout, and they discuss how the strong must defend the weak. Mabeuf plants the red flag of revolution on the barricade, at the cost of his own life. Marius arrives, and scares away the soldiers by threatening to blow up the barricade with gunpowder.

41: “Eponine's Love.” Eponine spies on Marius at the barricade, and receives a fatal wound trying to protect him. As she dies, she tells him about her life and her love, and gives him the letter from Cosette. Meanwhile Jean Valjean finds the message inked onto Cosette's blotter, revealing her covert relationship. Gavroche sees Javert and recognizes him as a policeman.

42: “A Letter from Marius.” The students take Javert prisoner; Gavroche delivers Marius' letter revealing that he is at the barricade; Jean Valjean goes there to protect Marius; the National Guard delivers cannons to bring down the barricade.

43: “Gavroche's Wish.” Cosette sneaks out to search for Marius and Jean Valjean; Gavroche refuses to leave the barricade, and is shot while collecting ammunition in the street.

44: “To the Light of the Future.” Jean Prouvaire is captured and shot while reciting a poem. Jean Valjean asks to kill Javert, but sets him free, prompting Javert to reveal his own life story. Jean Valjean encourages Enjolras to escape with his life, but the students choose to fight to the end. In the final stand, Marius is wounded, and Jean Valjean thinks to save him by escaping through the sewers.

45: “The Sewers of Paris.” The police chase Jean Valjean through the sewers; Cosette learns from Gavroche that both Marius and her father were at the barricade, and leaves once more to search for them. Thénardier offers Jean Valjean a deal to help him escape, and relates what really happened to him at Waterloo. Jean Valjean makes it out, only to find Javert waiting for him.

46: “Javert's Justice.” While taking Marius to his grandfather's home, Jean Valjean reveals to Javert what happened to him after his release from prison and his encounter with Bishop Myriel. Javert is forced to reflect on Jean Valjean's words and actions, even grappling with his memories of Fantine.

47: “The Bonds of the Heart.” Jean Valjean finds Pressoir and Jurges and takes them in. After two months of recovery, Marius is well enough that Gillenormand allows Cosette to visit him. When he hears that his compatriots died, he insists on going to see the site of the Corinthe barricade.

48: “Cosette and Marius.” Cosette helps Marius undertake a search for the man who saved him from the barricade. Javert is offered a promotion, but turns it down, dedicating himself to catching serious criminals rather than those who commit minor infractions. Jean Valjean realizes he must come to a decision about how to spend the remainder of his life.

49: “My Mother.” In this recap episode, Cosette and Gavroche visit Montfermeil and Montreuil-sur-mer to visit their old home and learn more about Fantine. They meet Alain and Sister Simplice, who tell of their experiences with Valjean and Fantine. Gavroche recognizes that Fantine's “revolution” was to make mothers and children happy.

50: “The Eternal Ring.” Cosette and Marius make arrangements for the two of them to live with Gillenormand after they are married. Azelma and her mother have been released from prison and leave Paris in the hope of finding happiness. After the wedding, Thénardier sees the newlyweds and recognizes them, discovering where they now live.

51: “The Revealed Truth.” Jean Valjean confesses his past to Marius, and says that he does not yet have the courage to tell Cosette. He departs before Marius can stop him. Thénardier arrives in disguise and tries to blackmail Marius, until Javert intervenes.

52: “The Silver Candlesticks.” A year after his departure, Cosette and Marius receive a letter from Jean Valjean, asking them to come see him so he can tell them the story of his life. Through a montage we see the characters' new lives as well as glimpses of the past that they have learned from.
I started this simply as a way for me to keep track of which episodes I had seen, where I left off in the series. You can look up reviews and recaps online, but it's hard to find a comprehensive list of all episode titles and events. You can watch the complete series here…

One of the things that I love about this series is the sense of continuity that it gives to the long story. Little things like mentioning dead characters or past events, in thoughts or in conversation, make the whole story seem more realistic and meaningful.

The forms and sheer magnitude of suffering may be less, but the themes of redemption and goodwill are as clear as ever, if not more so.

Let me know if this is too spoiler-ish.
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StarberryCupcake Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
This is the most useful list I've seen around and you have no idea how it helped me! I know the storyline practically like the back of my hand because of the book/musical/movies/etc but that doesn't help because I forget in which episode an arc/event ended and another one begun (plus, I need to revisit some episodes to make gifs and since I watch more than 1 at a time, it's not easy to keep track of where something was), so yeah, thanks a lot for this, it's super useful!
JackieStarSister Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
You are so welcome! Thank you for telling me this; it means a lot to know that someone benefited from my work.
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As much as I love Anime and Les Miserables, especially brought together. But I feel that there was a couple of problems...
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Thank you for posting this. Meow :3 
RavenclawGirl29 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
thank you for posting this, I left off about halfway through the series a few months ago and couldn't remember what episode I was on, so this is increadibly helpful...I think you did a pretty good job of keeping it spoiler free (but I read the book and know the ending, so I might not be a good judge)
JackieStarSister Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome! Thank you for telling me; I'm glad to know that this was helpful!
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