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Just a quick journal to vent my thoughts about the Book 4 premiere of The Legend of Korra.

Since there was a clip on the Nick website showing everyone in their old character designs, I thought that the season would start where the last one left off, with Korra leaving in order to recover, and that the timeskip would take place later. But instead this episode went ahead with the three-year jump, so I expect the next episode or two will have flashbacks to show us how everyone got to the points where they are now.

I loved seeing all the interactions between characters who by now are really familiar with each other. There are big examples like Opal and Kai working together (side note: I'm convinced that Varrick designed those new suits), and smaller ones like Mako grabbing Lin by the shoulders, and Tenzin warmly greeting Tonraq (who has gray hair now!)

An incidental observation: I think Lin should have compared Mako to a Pai Sho tile, not a pawn, because I'm pretty sure that's the closest thing they have to chess in the Avatar world.

Kuvira's potential threat is a little too obvious. The fact that she makes leaders proclaim loyalty to her rather than to the Earth Kingdom or its heir, makes it clear she's determined to rule. And it looks like we're getting more Beifong family drama, this time in the younger generation(s). It seems strange to me that Su would hold a grudge against her son, when she knows how it feels to have someone hold a grudge against you. Unless what happened to cause Kuvira and Baatar Jr. (?) to leave was seriously bad. Overall, I like that they're giving the eldest Metal Clan child his own storyline, because he didn't even speak in the previous season, we only got a brief glimpse of him. (I don't think he's even a bender.) He looks like adult Sokka, which makes me wonder … but I don't really speculate about the Beifong girls' fathers. It's just not as important as other details in the story.

The last two lines were golden, expressing the fans' question ("Whatever happened to her?") and Korra's own lack of an answer ("I wouldn't know").

I really hope screenshots for the episodes go online soon, because each episode leaves me hungry for shots to collect for future collages.

Other news: yesterday I got my little brothers to watch a couple episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and both of them are now enthusiastic fans! I think they may take to it as much as they take to Legos and Star Wars.


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I can call myself an artist, because I have a talent in writing and an interest in photography. I have FanFiction.Net and accounts (under the same username, JackieStarSister) for displaying a portion of my creative writing. (I save my best ideas for future use in published novels.)

I use this DeviantArt account to display my budding photography, make fanart collages for my favorite television shows (see my gallery to guess what they are), and so I can actually review other people’s artwork and organize collections of my favorite pieces. I wish I were more visually artistic; I respect and envy artists that use traditional mediums.

This is my method for making digital collages: I copy and paste pictures from the Internet into a word document, arrange them to my liking, and then take a screenshot.

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