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I can't resist: I don't want to inundate my Facebook friends with Legend of Korra statuses, so I choose to share my reactions here instead, where people can find them if they're looking for such material.

You'll find that my reactions are mostly positive this season: it's just going so well! I like how they are balancing and shifting the focus between certain groups of characters. If one group or individual is absent during one episode, they become a focus in another one. And meanwhile the criminal quartet (the "Red Lotus"?) are still lurking in the subplot(s), getting ready to make their move(s). They mentioned possibly kidnapping President Raiko, as a secondary goal. That could be interesting; I would like to see him forced to give Korra some gratitude if she had to step in and save him.

There are some things I didn't like, such as Tenzin becoming a drill sergeant. And the bison/car chase seemed a bit unrealistic. How could Tenzin and Kai blow the truck to the side of the road when Jinora was still trapped in the metal cage? If the vehicle flipped, she could have gotten a concussion! No way would Tenzin or any father risk that.

One minor note: um, Varrick has a magnetic suit. It looks like the Iron Man suit. And Varrick is a genius and a billionaire. Just like Tony Stark. If he falls in love with his assistant, I may write a crossover story. (I doubt he will, so I probably won't, which would be a relief because I don't like Iron Man as much as Thor. I actually did start a Thor/Korra crossover but it's still sketchy.)

Toph's attitude toward her daughters' run-in was a little hard to discern. On the surface, at least, it seemed like she was afraid of the public's opinion, which is strange considering she once said, "I'm not looking for anyone's approval." Maybe she grew out of that attitude, or maybe it changed when she became responsible for her own children. On the other hand, maybe the real reason she sent Su away was to get her away from the crime-ridden city. As the sisters later said, it was probably the best thing Toph did for her. Also, it seems Toph was at least on speaking terms with her parents, Lao and Poppy, during her adulthood; that makes me hopeful for their reunion in the next installment of The Rift comic. We also found out how Lin got the scar on her cheek. I actually didn't comprehend this until after the fact, when I recalled the sequence. I liked Bolin's explanation that fighting between siblings is natural and can help with healing; the only thing that made it weird is the fact that this show has had pretty dangerous cases of sibling rivalry. Remember Unalaq and Tonraq's duel last season? And Zuko and Azula's entire relationship? But speaking of Zuko, I was reminded of him and Katara while the Beifong sisters were arguing about forgiveness and whether people can really change. It's the same debate.

Looking back, now, the way Lin mistook Korra for a younger Su makes me wonder: maybe part of Lin's initial resentment toward Korra was due to her similarity to Su? (I have a similar theory that Korra reminded Tarrlok of a young Noatak, but I digress.) At present, though, she seems genuinely protective of Korra.

The radio call between Korra and Tenzin was really nice. It had one plot-important aspect, Korra giving Tenzin advice that drove him for the rest of the episode; but more than that it showed how they've become professional, friendly, and interdependent. The only unnecessary bit was the way Bolin butted in to compliment Opal. Why was he even there? Also, Korra's line "Conflict resolution: it's what I do" was fitting for an Avatar, but seemed to contrast the Korra we've seen for 2.5 seasons. Just last season she said "I'm better at starting fights than stopping them." But I guess she's accepted that this is her real job.

I liked seeing Jinora and Kai have an adventure together, even just bonding as friends. And even though Tenzin knows that Kai is kind of Jinora's boyfriend (to use another airbender's word choice), he still cooperated with Kai and complimented his technique. They're tantalizing us with the possibility of Jinora getting her tattoos! Ultimately, I think Tenzin's decision to consider it was best. I've never gotten a tattoo, but I imagine it would be hard for a kid to sit through, especially since the arrows go across so much of the body.

I like seeing small, romantic moments between Tenzin and Pema. In "Rebirth" we saw them exchange their first onscreen kiss; then in this episode they had a great scene together. We learned a bit about Pema's past and how she felt when she became an Air Acolyte. Tenzin was humbled a bit, and came to sympathize with how Korra feels whenever he tells her to be patient. I just love how Tenzin is still developing as a character!

When Bumi spoke with Tenzin during the final scene, I saw, for the first time, how similar they look. You can't tell because Tenzin is bald and Bumi has so much hair, but their faces and heads have the same shape.

The entirety of "Original Airbenders" felt like an episode from season one of The Last Airbender. It focused on training methods and had groups of characters go off on their own and then come back to help each other. The whole season is doing a wonderful job with pacing, drawing out some plots while resolving shorter ones within each episode. And they also include some good morals/themes, like forgiveness, not standing in your own way, being patient, and wanting what's best for your students and children.


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I can call myself an artist, because I have a talent in writing and an interest in photography. I have FanFiction.Net and accounts (under the same username, JackieStarSister) for displaying a portion of my creative writing. (I save my best ideas for future use in published novels.)

I use this DeviantArt account to display my budding photography, make fanart collages for my favorite television shows (see my gallery to guess what they are), and so I can actually review other people’s artwork and organize collections of my favorite pieces. I wish I were more visually artistic; I respect and envy artists that use traditional mediums.

This is my method for making digital collages: I copy and paste pictures from the Internet into a word document, arrange them to my liking, and then take a screenshot.

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